Don't allow your CV/Resume to be a stumbling block to your getting a job! There's a solution and I am letting you know.

Some time ago, I was a part of a recruitment team. We conducted interviews for some individuals who sent in applications for the position of consultants for a pilot School Farm for School Meals project.

It was a tedious process but also an interesting one. Some of their CVs didn't capture the sorts of experiences we wanted for the SF4SM project.

In fact during the interview, we met a lady who spoke so well of her experiences as a Fishery personnel that we couldn't just reconcile what we saw on her CV.

We also met someone who confused us initially with his most recent job experience.

We met a candidate who read our job description "partially".

We met two researchers whose insights in our project became a learning curve for us as well. You need to see me nodding 😀

We met a young person who seemed to understand what the project entails but who failed to take us on a detailed journey of project implementation.

I share my concerns with you:

1) If you are applying for a job, please I beg you, read the job description and own it. We were so happy to see a candidate who gave us the numbers and achievable outcomes. He was able to own the project by even going further to suggest possible ways of project implementation.

2) Your CV will get you to the door. I think I have done my best to have free trainings on creating a professional CV. I even have a book that's affordable but value -laden. Please get my book and keep your CV in check.

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Don't deceive yourself that you're a professional so no need - the more reason you should get your copy. Two researchers (PhD students) and three Masters students had their CVs sent...and I must tell you, those CVs didn't all represent them.

3) Interviews are not the time to find out what the role is about (you should have done your research). Interviews are an opportunity to share why your value, knowledge and insights are important in the project or role. Don't talk small.

4) When a question is thrown at you during interviews, please ensure you provide a sufficient answer and a detailed one at that. Imagine we asked someone what steps he intends to take to deliver project results and he said "We will need to buy this or that and the project will be a success". Etc.


Tell us why we need to buy it.
Mention the places you saw results.
Mention the steps you can take to get the results.
Mention the pros and cons.
Mention things my people!

5) One question I normally ask is " do you have any question for us?" Or "Is there any question you wanted us to ask?"

The point here is to make the candidate a part of the interview process of questioning. It's not fair that you leave an interview with questions buried in your throat.

As you can now see, I have been on numerous recruitment and interview panels before. If you are my ardent connection on LinkedIn or follower on Facebook, you must have come across reviews and certain comments or/and posts I have made concerning some disappointing CVs I have had to read.

I am sincerely tired of seeing messy CVs from people who are supposed to get their qualifications out there without any noise coming from a badly prepared CV. For instance, imagine a qualified health practitioner who can't get a placement just because he or she was concentrating on irrelevant pieces of information on his or her CV!

There were times folks reached out to me asking I help them out with job referrals. The next thing I asked them to do is to send me their CVs! Oh my God! You need to see some of these guys send me a sample of their CVs from the 1900s, or perhaps they went to their old school notes and copied what their teacher gave them without daring to know what's recent or not. What's worse are the CV templates or Applications some of these guys get on Playstore! What they don't know is that most of these templates cannot overcome the Applicant Tracking Systems!

So I decided to hold free trainings for that purpose, and also because I am interested in SGD 1&8 (reduction of poverty & decent work). So far, I have trained more than 100 persons since June, 2021.

That number keeps increasing every month and I am so happy that we also have a reference material or a book that summarizes all I have taught.

This material contains:

1) 9 steps to preparing and creating your professional CV
2) Dos and Donts in your quest to prepare your CV.
3) How to write your heading
4) How to properly situate your licenses, endorsements, certifications and education
5) How to present your hobbies/interest that it makes sense to your CV
6) How to present details of your referees.


7) Free CV review video lessons
8) Three Interview videos with successful career professionals
9) A video on how to overcome the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) used by most companies


Get your copy here:

To all those looking for jobs or placements, may we all find a place worthy of us!

Please feel free to share your thoughts on all these 👆

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