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"Before I actually met the authors of this book- Mr and Mrs David Francis, I heard they were people with exceptional intellectual prowess and fine personalities. And for the past seven (7) years that I have known them, they have sustained the first impression I had of them till date, and even more. This is lucidly expressed in the pages of this book as the authors reveal the riches of their life’s journey from the perspective of their relationships, in all honesty and originality.

Essentially, the book unveils the story of two broken people with a damaging past, who choose to give themselves and life another chance in each other.

It also chronicles the tales of the challenges they faced in making the choice of each other every day; the causes and effects of their weaknesses and the tension it created in their relationships; the lessons they learnt from their relationships; and how they finally conquered every obstacle in their path to commit to each other for life. While reading, you’d laugh, you’d cry, but the lessons will endure for life!

The first thing that is evident from the first page of the book is the authors’ craftsmanship. They weren’t just writing a story that frowns at the reader; as master wordsmiths, each line they wrote is decked with dexterity of expression. What is you see is uncut creativity, originality, clarity, engagement, and depth, in a way that makes you connect with the story.

From my experience, this book is on a class of its own. Its uniqueness finds expression in the honesty, reality and authenticity that went into its writing. This is better explained by the popular Hollywood actor and comedian- Kevin Hart, when asked why he was fond of finding humor in the quirks of his wife, children, and happenings around him. At one interview, he was asked the reason for disclosing his wife’s sexual proclivities in a joke; he responded that, “I and my wife enjoy openness and honesty in our relationship; that’s the beauty of standup comedy when done correctly… honesty and authenticity is what people respond to. Ultimately, you laugh to what you can relate to and believe. So putting my life out there in full is what I do and what I’ve been doing.” The book is such a mirror about relationships that we are sure to see our own reflection while reading because the experiences shared, provide a typical cycle of the stages of development in a relationship; and as such, of what most people experience during the course of their relationships.

Importantly, the book is ladled with vital lessons for people to ply through their relationships and life in general with less bruises. The book first of all teaches how to learn from one’s own experience, and also the added advantage of learning from the experiences of others. On a lighter of note, it is worthy of mention that the experiences of both authors combined is equivalent to the experiences of nine lifetimes of an average person.

Other cogent lessons in the book includes forgiveness; dealing with pride; listening to one’s partner and not just hearing them; how the projection of our self-image affects how we see and relate with our partners; the place of honesty and a trustworthy counselor in a relationship; love as sacrifice; in fact, for want of means in enumerating all the lessons that can be gleaned from the book, I’d say that summarily, it delivers the ultimate lesson of loving against all odds.

At this point, it is immediately self-evident that apart from those who cannot read and write or who do not yet possess matured minds, this book is recommended for all and sundry. In fact, the book is so rich that it would not be out of place for persons who can neither read nor write to have the book read to them, or have them learn how to read or write in order for them to read this book. It is recommended for those who are yet in relationships so they can forestall making certain costly mistakes when they eventually do; it is recommended for those already in relationships so they can maneuver their way through the hurdles of relationships; it is recommended for counselors so that they can actually “counsel” and not “cancel” people’s destiny; it is recommended for all!"

Vincent Idoko, M.A - Book Editor and Reviewer, 2021



David and Helen come from two completely different backgrounds. They were not supposed to fall in love with each other. They were not even supposed to marry. They both knew the first time they met that love would not be on the table. David told himself he was going to just sleep with any attractive female that came his way. Nothing serious. Helen was also on her way to dealing with men after her last break-up. Their love and trust for people was shattered and it was "Against all odds" that these two lost fellows even stay together. It took the best of miracles to make their union possible. This book shows how naked their relationships/sex/love life turned out with others and with themselves. If you're looking for a book that shows vulnerability in daring to love even for damaged people, start with this one. You can reach David and Helen via: dahelbooks@gmail.com OR chat with David on WhatsApp.


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