It was about 10:00 pm in Australia when Sandy Walker joined us at the DaHel Seminar for Singles and Married. She spoke on the topic, "Your Happiness is not your Partner's Responsibility." This topic is quite important if you are one of those that feel that someone you love owes you happiness!
From far away Malawi, a Catholic Priest, Fr Kelvin Ugwu, spoke about the topic "Getting a Shock Absorber in your Relationships." Fr Kelvin's topic is as relevant as discussions surrounding paternity or maternity fraud, cheating, infidelity, lack of trust, or just any piece of news that can break you or your partner.
Ogbeni La, now enjoying his marital life in the UK told us stories about how he met his wife on Facebook, and got married to her same year. His story was audacious if you ask me.
Helen Godwin, spoke about "The Effects of a Long Distance Relationship".  She was able to identify the challenges of loving her husband, David from afar.
When Felix Abrahams Obi spoke to us about his love life, I perfectly felt it. The highlight of Felix's storytelling was when he talked about loyalty. Felix is married to a Brazilian (he is in Nigeria and the wife is in Brazil), so you can imagine what loyalty, trust, and openness means for both of them.
Louis Edet was preparing to go to bed in the US, when he joined us to speak about "The Effects of Toxic Feminism in Black Marriages." When this topic was first introduced, I remember my colleague saying that she's interested in what Louis have to say. She felt that male chauvinism was rather the bane of the African society. Louis' topic was rather incisive and convincing given his intercultural experiences.
 Vincent Idoko's detailed review of our book "Against All Odds" was simply amazing. He is not just the editor of our book, but also a Partner at DaHel Consult.
Ekene May, an award winning poet performed a fantastic piece that got us clapping and loving it all the way. Kilokeys, thrilled us with his music performance.
I also wish to sincerely acknowledge Maureen Alikor who showed support for us since day one! I am also grateful to Oyereyi Zaynab for sending in her goodwill from far away Germany.
This event would not have been a success without the expertise of Charity Odu, the lead moderator. Charity is not just a family system engineer, a marriage counsellor with years of experience, she has also been a guest speaker at HitFM Calabar.
As promised, we have sent the ebook "Against All Odds," to all our guest speakers alongside their Certificates of Participation. More than 20 persons got their copies on the day of the event.

The DaHel Seminar for Singles and Married have come to stay!

We are so grateful to all who made donations for our book launch, and those who spared the time and resources to be with us at day! If you missed the event and would love to watch the reply, please do so here.

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