The DaHel Seminar (for Singles & Married)

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On February, 14th, 2021, we'll be launching the e-copy of the book "Against All Odds." That same day, we (myself, my wife, some coaches in Australia, Brazil, Germany, and selected individuals) will be having an online seminar for singles and married.
The seminar will target people who feel damaged by others in their quest to love, as well singles/couples who have lost focus in their relationship/marriage. This seminar is not your regular where people come to tell you what you should do or not in your relationships. It is a seminar of married and single people coming together to say "I was 'fucked,' or not, and here's my story. Listen."
We want to use the seminar to connect more with people and to tell them that they are not alone. We will have Sandy Walker talk about the topic, "Your happiness is not your partner's responsibility," Helen Godwin will talk on the topic, "The Effects of a long distance relationship;" Oyereyi Zaynab Ninche will talk on the topic "Sustaining Intercultural Communication;" David Francis will talk on the topic, "Recognizing damage in a relationship;" Felix Abrahams will talk on a topic, and Maureen Alikor's topic will be "Vulnerability and love," and Kelvin Ugwu, MSP, will speak on the topic, "Getting a Shock Absorber in your relationships." Our moderator Charity Odu is the author of the books "Beautiful Home," and the "21st century Child," while our special guest and observer, Ogbeni La is staying married to his wife (and he'll tell us why) in the UK! The award winning poet, Ekene May, from Nigeria, would thrill us with her performance poetry, while Vincent Idoko, MA, the Chief editor, DaHel Partners and Consult, will give a book review. All of these interesting folks have a really robust bio!
We are extending this invitation to you (whoever you are), to come and join this novel seminar and meet men and women who have gone against all odds to find love and tell the story.
And registration is COMPLETELY FREE!  

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